Mastery is all about practice

Written by Amy | 5 Comments

Grab a sneak preview of our competing baristas practicing on Tuesday after I finally decided to close a little early. It’s almost here –2009 Mid-Atlantic Barista Competition and it’s happening right in Pittsburgh, Feb 6th-8th. We are finally getting our act together and putting in some quality practice time at Tazza D’Oro.


Emily in the midst of her game and gettin the Cappuccinos on!


Braden, damn good game face! Don’t ya think?


Zach sucking up to one of our judges and I think it worked!


And the proof – great contrast in the cup, perfect micro-foam, perfect temperature, freaking delicious! Great job, guys. Stay tuned fans, it will be pretty much around the clock from here on out and ok with me – 36 espresso drinks on Tues and I’m still kicking. Need your sidewalks shoveled?


  1. Rich

    Kick butt and take no prisoners!

    Btw, since Melanie’s already done it and both Luke and I are doing it this time, we’ll be looking for Amy Enrico on center stage in 2010 for her 15 minutes of fame ;-)

  2. Amy

    Rich – Thank you, but I’m all good on 15 minutes of fame and have a line of baristas at Tazza D’Oro who are way better at their craft than I- I’m all about putting it together. Good luck to you and Luke! I will be cheering you guys on.

  3. Debi Arnett

    Good luck to all from the Highland Park crew!

  4. James

    Good luck Amy and the crew at Tazza D’Oro!

  5. Rachel

    I never knew my lil’ bro could look so scary. Good luck to all my peeps!