Tazza D'Oro on Positively Pittsburgh Live! – Tonight

Written by Amy | 6 Comments

There is this cool talk show call Positively Pittsburgh Live, hosted by Joanne Quinn-Smith. Positively Pittsburgh Live is all about highlighting the positive aspects of Pittsburgh. Joanne has invited me and some other coffee house owners on her show tonight to discuss the coffee scene in Pittsburgh and the positive impact our businesses have on our communities. RAD! So you can listen along live at 7 pm – 8 pm right from your computer or iPhone or listen later through a link that will be posted tonight after the show. Just click here to connect : Positively Pittsburgh Live!

Other coffee owners – call in, dudes!


  1. jim bogen

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rich

    Nothing against the other folks, but wanted to say thanks for actually bringing that conversation back to actual coffee time and time again!

    Yeah, I was Guest #9. The one who wanted you guys to promote the barista competitions at the end ;-)

  3. Ward

    Definitely bad timing… seemed like when the competition came up, technical glitches kicked in. Plus, it was the wrong person to discuss the competition. Amy rocked!

  4. Amy

    Thanks for all the emails,comments and listening it to the show last night. The response has been awesome. The premise of the show was to positively highlight the way in which coffee houses impact and contribute to our communities. I think there is an important place for all of us. However, I did take the opportunity to focus a little on the coffee and the barista and the show’s host was happy to highlight that as well. Rich, Ward, Oliver and others, I think there will be an opportunity to do another show talking about our passion- coffee, the baristas,and the experience and community coffee helps create. Last night was a first step to talking with more folks and the chance to begin to educate the differences in our business models. So, you up for it? Ya know, “from our lips to their ears”!
    Have a good one! Amy

  5. Amy

    Oh, and all the info about the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast regional barista competition will be added to Positively Pittsburgh’s site sometime today.

  6. Debi Arnett

    Glad you enjoyed being on the show Amy. I was happy to recommend you as a guest to Joanne. I knew that you would expand greatly what was discussed and promote what we HP people know, Tazza doro is the place to be.