Day 1 – Mid-Atlantic Barista Competition

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Emily and Zack were freakin great today! They finished under the 15 min time limit and they say their 12 espresso drinks were beautiful. Batdorf and Bronson, the espresso was WOWZERS! Turner Dairy, the milk was delicious as always. It’s difficult to see the drinks from the peanut gallery and the audience doesn’t get to taste the drinks either so from our standpoint it’s all about how it looks and the presentations given by the baristas -our baristas looked and sounded great. With amazing poise and style, they shared their passion and comittement to Tazza D’Oro, the coffee, the milk and the art and craft of being a barista. That’s called a WIN!

Here are a few pics to capture the day-

Nick Cho, always the rad Emcee


Zack serving his group of judges wearing a very stylish Turner Dairy apron


Emily, with the best outfit EVER- her apron matched her centerpiece and napkins-


Me, taking a pic of WQED’s Pierina Morelli while interviewing me. This one’s called, taking it back! BTW, WQED filmed most of the competition today.  (Gov Rendell, WTF!)


Day 2 tomorrow with Braden using a VERY special coffee! Stay tuned.

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