To You – From tazza d'oro

Written by Amy | 6 Comments


Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Deb Bogen

    Amy et al. —
    Valentine coffee. Kudos. And anyone out there in cyberspace interested in poetry (curious even?) is invited to hear me read from my new MS “Let Me Open You A Swan” at the Union Project tonight (Friday.)
    Doors open at 7 – reading starts at 7:30. Union Project is the big ole church bldg at the corner of Stanton and Negley.

  2. Amy

    Deb-Sorry Amelia and I can’t make it tonight, but have fun and I think you will probably pack the house!

  3. izzy's mama

    Lovely! I went to Joe Coffee Bar today, on 13th street. A coffee drinking friend of mine says they make the best latte around. I stupidly had tea but I will go again and scope out the scene. There was a line in there at 10:30 a.m.!

  4. Amy

    Rad – Joe’s in NYC is a fantastic coffee and espresso bar. Never had a latte there but like tazza d’oro they brew their daily coffee in a French Press -very, very yummy. We promise, the next time Amelia and I are visiting you in Jersey City we will all go into the city for a coffee tour. No tea allowed though! Love to Izzy and A.

  5. Michael Hoffman

    Just wanted to say that I’ve had great coffee and espresso drinks at several Joe the Art of Coffee locations (if that’s what we’re talking about). Impressively consistent.

  6. Amy

    Yep, Joe the Art of Coffee is what we are discussing and it is a great place in NYC. I’ve been to the location on East 13th St.