Being in the company of passion

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During our last coffee cupping someone asked me about why I was so “enthralled” with visiting Pike Place Market during our last visit to the Northwest. I am always inspired by passionate owners and staff who LOVE what they do and sell. In fact, while I was buying satsumas, the owner of the fruit stand offered me a job and damn I would have done it just based on how passionate they were about their fruit. It reminded me of how passionate we are at Tazza D’Oro about our coffee and craft. I was honored and had to say no to the job!


Tonight was another occasion of being in the company of passion. After what it seems like months and months of scheduling, Amelia and I had dinner with Melanie and Rich from the Aldo Coffee located in Mt Lebo. They came to the East End and we met at Point Brugge in Point Breeze (talk about being passionate). We talked, tasted, appreciated, talked more, tasted more and appreciated more. We mostly talked coffee, a little about research and statistics, but the evening was mostly about our passions. Rad evening! Melanie and Rich, thanks! Jesse, Point Brugge, you’re rad too, just keep drinking our Italian Cappuccinos and ridin’ that bike!

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