Tazza D'Oro featured in Table Magazine

Written by Amy | 1 Comment

Sometimes as a small business owner I find it difficult to gage how we are doing – are we doing our very best, our we reaching our full potential, are our customers happy, our we engaged with our community, is Tazza D’Oro are good place to work? Yea, there are the “old school” business markers like bottom line, margins, cost of goods, # of customers, labor hours – all very important, no question and I spend a lot of time doing the analysis. But, Tazza D’Oro is a living, breathing entity with many moving hands and parts and sometimes complicated to figure out!

And then there are the other times when we have some indication we have arrived in this very moment. Last week, Tazza D’Oro was featured in a photo spread in Table Magazine -Spring 2009 issue.  I absolutely love this magazine. I look forward to every issue, the articles and pictures are beautiful. Table Magazine is about food culture and lifestyle.


When we opened the latest issue I felt like this was an awesome moment for Tazza D’Oro, our baristas, customers, and community. Thank you Table Magazine – Christina French, editor, Anthony Musmanno, photographer. What an honor! If you want to see the real thing, and maybe buy a copy, stop in.


  1. Heather

    YEA! what a great feature!!!