A lesson from the Tazza D'Oro door?

Written by Amy | 5 Comments


Over the past month I have been dealing with replacing Tazza D’Oro’s front door – picking the door, colors, glass, fixtures, rebuilding of the door frame and the price, but it had to be done. Today, Dave and his guys showed up with our new front door. Turns out the factory who applied the custom paint reversed the colors – dark green on inside and “coffee with cream” color on the outside.  The door was installed and now we will wait another 3 weeks for our correctly painted door.  But here is the real lesson for me – our original door was hung June 19, 1999. That’s almost 10 years and opening faithfully everyday. We estimate the total to be 2,688,000 times!!! So thank you -thank you so very much for opening our door everyday! We hope you like the new one too!


  1. Debi Arnett

    this is so funny to get this msg today. I just drove by and the door really stood out. I immediately noticed that it was new. I agree that the color was not correct and it should be the reverse though.

  2. marsha aarons

    Mmmmm I’ve been away for awhile but wasn’t the handle on the door on the left as you walked out??? Looks like lock and handle were cut out on the right on new door.

  3. Michael

    As far as I’m concerned, any door for Tazza D’Oro is a good door so long as it opens and lets me at the coffee!

  4. jim bogen

    it’s adoorable!

  5. kate cuda

    Will you be doing anything special for Father’s Day?


    kate cuda