Voices heard in a coffee shop

Written by Amy | 2 Comments

On Saturday, while departing from Santa Cruz, I heard the tragic news of what was occurring in my community. Needless to say we felt devastated and wanted to get home. I spoke with Rachel on the phone and she informed me folks were sitting in tazza d’oro, in front of the TV, watching “it” all go down.  The conversations continue in the shop, everyone trying to make sense of it all, searching for more news, searching for more community and as the media reports more information the voices are continuing to get louder. Oh Great leader(s) your city needs you, Stanton Heights needs you, Highland Park needs you, Morningside needs you…needs you to step up and help lead us through.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and the officers of Zone 5.


  1. Val

    To many people in this community, Tazza d’Oro functions as their third place. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_Place

    It’s not surprising people are gathering there to comfort and talk and try to make sense. Thank you, Amy.

  2. Amy

    Thank you Val and if that’s true being 3rd is really rad – finally!