Pit(t) Stop

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I think I’ve read almost every book on explorers – especially pioneering/early explorers – navigating the globe, specific parts of the world, the U.S. and space – long before any trails were blazed, seas charted, maps, roads and railroads defined, GPS, cell phones, and the unknown beyond our earth . I am fascinated by the spirit, passion and the capacity of some of us to risk and endure all that we define as safe and stable.  A while back I had a really amazing discussion with a history professor from Pitt who informed me that most of what we know on earth has been explored and now we will focus our attention on traveling space and the universe. WOW! However, over the last few years we have followed some of our customers/friends on personal journeys as they traveled many of the routes that were established in the history books long before. I am still fascinated and never, ever get tired of reading the experiences of the journey no matter how challenging or short the journey -hmmm!

So the rad thing about owning a “coffee shop” – we get to be in the know and be one of the stops on the journey! Over the next several weeks we are following 2 different journeys – 3 friends on their bikes traveling across America and 2 actors/artists who left their left their jobs in NYC to act/perform in a summer stock theatre and to explore the country. BTW, one of the actor/artist peeps is Amelia’s brother, Mickey. Mickey and his girl Alex spent the weekend with us exploring the burgh and meeting all the locals.

Here are the links to the journeys: Great stuff – read while drinking your morning coffee – it’s inspiring!

Mickey and Alex

3 friends biking across America

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