We heard ya and we're changing back!

Written by Amy | 2 Comments

Sometimes I just make a bad call – I love how you guys keep giving me feedback though.  Several weeks ago, as part of the transition with our new roaster, Verve, we began selling our whole bean coffee as 12oz bags… bad idea right there!  Your feedback, reasoning and downright yelling caught my attention. I totally get what you were saying to us and frankly it made sense. So, we are back to selling 1 lb and 1/2 lb bags of coffee. LOL, that, btw, is what I call grass roots change!  Thanks, for your input -K?


  1. Deb Bogen

    Amy —
    Geez – we missed all the excitement – but we will be home soon so save a crisis or two till we get there. Any chance you are re-instating firepit sessions??

  2. Babs Carryer

    Hey this is just a story about Tazza D’Oro (I know my conference room many of my associates call it). But one day about six months ago I was in line and someone ahead of me asked “Hey, what’s an Italian Cappucino?” And Rachel replied, “That, oh that will change your life!” It was a great reply and there is truth to it. The closest thing I have in America to a “petit creme” that I used to order when I lived in Paris. God bless the Italian Cappucino – it has changed my life!