Yes, It's true!

Written by Amy | 15 Comments

It’s official – we will be operating a new location located in the new Gates Hillman Centers, School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. We expect to open by the first week of October!

We have hired 8 new and amazing baristas (not kidding either), who have been very busy training and getting immersed in the Tazza D’Oro culture/community.  You will get to meet all of them. We expect that most of our team will be working in both locations with Rachel and Jennifer (new manager at CMU) holding down each location. We have also been busy with all things on the “list” and things that seem to get added every 10 minutes.

We are incredibly excited about our opportunity at CMU …we will have lots to discuss on this topic. We have staff who have stepped up to take on new responsibilities and roles, some are learning how to start a business, many have stepped up to make sure things in Highland Park continue to meet our expectations and a select few who are helping to keep me focused (snap, guys!).

First thing Wednesday morning, Katie, Jennifer, Morgan and I travel to Santa Cruz for an intense few days of additional training with all our guys at Verve Coffee Roasters. We will have lots to report and pics to send while we are there.

I said to Katie (we call her Face) today – “Face, why are you so excited about the trip?” Face says, “cause I get to torture you for 6 hours on the plane…just sayin!!!” Nice, AND she has no idea what I’m like on a plane for 5 or 6 hours…just sayin!

Many thanks to the Computer Science Committee who selected Tazza D’Oro to be at the Gates Hillmen Center. We appreciate and recognize what an incredible opportunity awaits us and we’re gettin ready!


  1. Eric

    Great news! That’s absolutely fantastic. Well deserved, and a great opportunity. It’s nice to know the campus (and Oakland in general) will have a great coffee shop.

  2. James

    Wow Amy! Congratulations on that. You guys will be PERFECT for them!! I am so glad it is a local company and not a corporate fast food joint. Good job CMU.

  3. Chip

    Finally, good coffee to be had in Oakland.

  4. Trudy

    Congratulations, Amy!! What a great opportunity!!
    You work hard and you deserve it!!

  5. gordon

    Taza in Oakland? I’m so glad. Now I can get great coffee in my own neighborhood. I just have to figure out how to get to the Gates Hillman Centers at CMU.

  6. Amy

    Thanks guys for all your rad words of support and excitement. It will be great to have some of our regulars visit us in the new spot.

    The Gates Hillman Center can be accessed right off of Forbes Ave – the newly constructed building.

  7. Rich

    Congrats! Hope this works out well for you.

  8. Irina

    excellent news–Congratulations! It’s convenient for Pitt people too. I’ll spread the word

  9. Michael

    I’ll be beating a path down Forbes Ave!

  10. Amy

    Michael, now that’s the kind of spirit we’re looking for!

  11. jim bogen

    3 cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!! (with undertones of appreciation, admiration and congratulation, and notes of bicycle grease and sweat).

  12. R

    Very excited about this — I helped bug the Computer Science Committee to select Tazza D’Oro. Lotta T.D’O. fans here in the computer science department.

  13. Amy

    R – whoever you r – we appreciated the bugging on our behalf. And here’s to hoping you are the only “bug” in the computer science building!

  14. Luke & Alexis

    Congrats Amy & Co.! Best of luck this month with all the preparations.

  15. Carrie Stone

    We are Katie’s (Face) Moms and we just wanted to warn Amy that we HAVE traveled across the country with her, by plane (not train) and automobile. For the sake of your sanity, we hope she won’t sing to you for 5 or 6 hours…. “Ho, ro, the rattlin’ bog, The bog down in the valley-o. Ho, ro, the rattlin’ bog, The bog down in the valley-o!”

    Good Luck and Safe Traveling!