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After a busy day of meetings we are almost there for new our location at the Gates Hillman Centers on the CMU campus. And almost means we have final drawings


We have tables, awesomely comfortable chairs, and beautiful views to the outside



An important foundation of an espresso bar…plumbing! I felt so proud to take this picture – it’s all about the possibility and opportunity and it’s up to us to make it happen!


And a view of the front door which leads to Tazza D’Oro.  The Gates Hillman  building/complex is amazing and has many amazing stories of the vision to build it, it’s purpose, functioning, utility and it’s connection in the CMU campus to create a vibrant and interactive community.


I am happy to give you a tour and hope to announce our opening date in the next week!


  1. Michael

    Sexy chairs!

  2. Amy

    That’s what I’m sayin too, Michael. Hope you come and visit!

  3. Luke & Alexis

    Looking great Amy- congrats again and look forward to visiting.