Building of a culture – sip…sip!

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If you guys remember, when Tazza D’Oro celebrated our 10th anniversary in June, I talked about building for the next 10 years…and it’s happening, big time.  Our space at the Gates and Hillman Centers is STUNNING !  I have attached more pics but they really don’t translate the energy and the potential of the space you just need to visit.

CMU 10-22-09-2

CMU 10-22-09

And now I want you to meet Jay and Nathan.

Jay and Nathan

These guys started and own Full Stop Interactive.  Jay and Nathan will be re-building our web site.  I thought it would be rad to blog about our process and give you a kinda back of the house view.  We’ve blogged about all the hammering and building of our new space, but building the “other” space – our web site – there aren’t  nails and hammers just a lot of brainstorming, vision, strategy and creativity.  We are about to include you in on an interesting process.  I’m recommeding a cup of our Panama Elida Estate – brewed in a press.  It takes an incrediable cup of coffee to build a culture!

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