Rad-ly more connected

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You gotta check this out -really!  Katie (Face) has designed and established an amazing tool that can be used by our baristas and you, our customers.  Face has established a Google map of of our weekly Tazza D’Oro coffee cuppings and correlating the results of our cupping with the coffees and their growing regions. Here it is – Tazza D’Oro Cupping Map.

Several weeks ago we establised a Tazza D’Oro Google group.  In anticipation of our CMU opening with 15 employees and growing, we decided it was necessary and more efficient to communicate our discussions and scheduling using Google email, groups and calender.    I’ve been a little distracted this week and noticed that the Tazza D’Oro baristas have once again stepped up – I’m behind with approximatley 30 some discussions around our cuppings, dosings, preparations and general operations.  Tazza D’Oro baristas you are amazing!!!!  Face, Andre, Morgan, Jennifer, Chris, Zach, Brian, Brandon – good job and keep it up –  I am about to catch up on the discussions!

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