The building continues – more coffee, please!

Written by Amy | 2 Comments

Today was another day where the reality continues to set in – Amelia and I hung “Coming Soon” signs throughout various sites on the CMU campus for our pending opening at the Gates and Hillman Centers.  Plumbing inspection- check, electrical inspection – check, equipment delivery – ?, Health department inspection – Oct 26, but need equipment… yikes, coffee and espresso for the CMU Board of Trustees Oct 29th – double yikes!

cmu opening soon

Actually, the build-out of the space is almost complete and it is STUNNING!    Come visit.


  1. Heather

    This is fabulous, Amy! Congratulations!

  2. Eric

    How thrilled and flattered am I to have tasted the very first coffee served here??!! Nothing like building customer loyalty (as if I hadn’t already anticipated being fully engaged in the counter culture of Tazza D’oro at R-Bar Cafe within Gates/Hillman at CMU!)

    Which may or may not be named after the R-bar space shuttle rendezvous pitch maneuver:

    Very grateful to meet Amy and crew. I look forward to sharing some beans from Moki’s Farm with you all!