A new perspective!

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frankie cmu

(you gotta see this pic)

I have often written about my amazing trips around our coffee, but the last few weeks have been another trip.   Most of you may know that we opened a second location at the Gates and Hillman Centers on the CMU campus on Nov 18th.   It’s has met every expectation  – great staff, quality, a space that we helped design and have embraced and at the same time it’s been surreal and humbling.  At CMU there is no such thing as a soft opening – it has been awesome!  We have also felt the impact in our Highland Park location; much to my surprise – more people coming to HP to see what Tazza D’Oro is  all about.

In one of my most intense days thus far I decided to take a break, while working at home, to make some coffee.   It’s really easy for me to lose perspective while I’m attending to business but there’s my Frankie.  This poor guy is also feeling the impact of a new business – hardly any walks, less wrestling and long days alone.   Somehow he has put this whole new venture in perspective – couch, blanket, pillow and a nap – a new perspective!  Thanks Frankie.


  1. Heather

    Thanks for sharing that photo – love that Frankie is about to kick back and relax to help remind us all that we should take a moment. Glad he is feeling well.

  2. Doc

    Whee Ha! Another success, another location. Happy New Year to all. Miss you, Amy, be well. Doc