We are closing early on Thurs (1/7/10)

Written by Amy | 1 Comment

Tazza D’Oro will be closing at 6pm on Thurs (1/7/10) for a staff training that we are calling “Expanding our Palates”.  All I can say – yes, it is a training in expanding our palates, if doesn’t involve coffee, but it does involve a passionate, local business owner, incredible ingredigients, acute attention to detail, chilly conditions, kinda hard to find place (no locaton, location, location happening here) and we’ll be taking pictures and blogging before the end of the night.  Sorry for the inconvenience but we appreicate your patience.  Oh, and we will be bringing Tazza D’Oro/ Verve roasted coffee for the rad dudes helping to expand our palates.  Stay tuned!


  1. Scott

    And I have to say that the coffee you brought is treating us VERY nicely!

    Cheers – Scott