Bryant Street is coming alive!

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It’s officially official – Enrico’s Biscotti, Flying Biscotti Catering Co Inc – is now located on Bryant St in Highland Park. Tazza D’Oro is so happy to have more real entrepreneurs and quality on Bryant St.  We felt like we’ve been on an “entrepreneurial island” for the last 10 years.  Bryant Street is becoming a corridor and destination for amazing  food and wellness – The Nuin Center,  Joe Tambellini, Italian Restaurant , Smiling Banana, the pending opening of Park Bruges, along with  the catering, event spot and bakery of Enrico’s Biscotti –  who knows what’s next?  OMG!!!

kate stalker

Welcome, Kate (my favorite stalker) and Larry.  You are an amazing addition to our community and we are so excited that you know, appreciate  and drink good coffee!  Btw, I’ll be stopping by pretty frequently and bringing the vino -K!


  1. Anna Balazs

    Wonderful photo!!
    Best wishes,
    Anna and Steven

  2. Tazza D'Oro

    Anna and Steve hope all is well. Miss seeing you guys in the East End. Are you still living in Pittsburgh and teaching at Pitt?

  3. jim bogen

    We went to Enrico’s on Bryant for bread and soup, and love it! I hope they keeping doing it after they’ve completely installed themselves. It had the warm, communal and funky feeling of places I used to go to in Berkeley in the early sixties.

  4. Kimberly

    I’m so happy to see Bryant Street continue to get better and better. Thank you, Amy, and all the people who work and go to Enrico’s for your help in making ours a great community.

  5. Rob C

    I’m Glad to see Bryant St. coming to life. I am seriously considering opening an organic/local produce store on Bryant. I would also carry other great natural food products. I really hope I can pull it off……Stay Tuned :)

  6. Joe Tambellini

    Larry is a GREAT guy and we all couldent be happier that he is going to be a neighbor!!!!
    There are lots of good things happening here and we are very excited!!!