Going on Day 6 – Sedatives are now in order!

Written by Amy | 7 Comments

I said to Frankie this morning – “dude, I don’t know how you do this all day!”

frankie snowstorm 2010

(pic: that’s Frank hunkered down and really happy we are home for another snow day!) Yet, another lesson from the Wheaten Terrier.

Here’s the electric and power line update for today:

First off, the emergency customer service folks at Duquesne Light have been amazing – thank you for listening and your compassion for our situation.  DL will hopefully get to Tazza D’Oro to make all necessary repairs to our power line on Thursday or Friday.  They know we have heat, but not enough power coming into the building to operate our equipment.  (Btw, I am so thankful that our building has heat and we don’t have to worry about water pipes breaking.)  Second, there are still several thousand city homes without heat and electricity – since Friday night!!!   These folks should definitely be the priority.  Third, I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated all the tweets, Facebook entries and emails from our customers asking if they could call DL on our behalf or already have done so.  No worries, I am calling everyday for an update and let’s support these service workers getting to residential emergencies first.  Lastly, and as the owner, not being able to make and serve coffee for you guys has been excruciating.    But I know we are all in this together and it will soon be over.  I saw a freaking ROBIN today hanging out on our porch…so there!

Oh, I just have to say it – finally our streets are being plowed – after 5 freaking days – that’s the reason for the sedative!  Next snow storm let’s call it the G20 Snow Summit…plows will be out in force!!!


  1. Debi

    Amy, Jim has been off school for 3 days and tomorrow too and has been wanting coffee from you and has been devastated and cant get it. LOL

  2. Francine Porter

    Hang in there Amy. I think lucky Luke should attach large snow plows to the L rad vehicles the city purchased to intimidate protestors during the G20…then maybe the streets in Shadyside and Oakland would not be so dangerous…

  3. Michael

    I miss you, Tazza D’Oro. Please come back soon.

  4. Amy

    A service dude from DL showed up tonight. We now have a 120V coming into the building – we have lights and refrigeration but 120V isn’t enough to run all of our coffee equipment. Now we are waiting for a DL “crew” to replace the freaking power line!

  5. emily

    i love and have missed you guys. good luck and congrats on having stayed positive!!!

  6. Deb Bogen

    Amy – we are wishin and hopin, and hopin and wishin – that DL will come – & when it does I may show up with my uke unannounced – we need some community music girl!

  7. C Dianne

    Amy – I saw a robin, too in the middle of all that snow with the second storm that hit this week. I thought now there’s hope.