It takes a village, several fits and finally a leader!

Written by Amy | 7 Comments

It’s been a very long 6 days…right?  Around 6 pm all power has been restored at Tazza D’Oro (for my peeps- there’s a metaphor!)  We will open at 7am sharp on Friday and coffee, espresso and French Presses will be flowing.

I want to thank all the folks who lobbied Duquesne Light on our behalf.  Trust me, through out the week I had several tense conversations with all the folks at Duquesne Light who were unlucky enough to take my calls.  But at the end of the day our Councilman, Patrick Dowd, stepped in and took charge.  Patrick has been so busy in our district with the snow storm that he was unaware of our loss of electricity.  After a few exchanges with texting, calls and more texting with Patrick at 4:30pm today Duquesne Light service dudes showed up to fix our power line.

WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!  Patrick, thank you for your leadership and support of Tazza D’Oro and our community.  I never thought to call Patrick for assistance but his willingness to recognize our need as a small business was totally a gift and relief – that’s what I call leadership.  COFFEE!


  1. beth

    I am sooo happy! No more cabin fever for me-see you this weekend!

  2. jean

    Hooray for Patrick. It will be great to see the lights on inside and know that our neighborhood gathering place now has power and we can all gather there again

  3. Jonathan Gates

    Congratulations on being the vendor for the computer sci bldg at CMU. I got a tour recently while on a visit from NY. I lived in HiPk from ’77-’99.

  4. Nancy

    So happy to have you back. It has been so sad to drive by and see the lights off. We’ll be by today!!! Yeah Amy!!

  5. Face

    is this really happening?

  6. E & E

    Glad to have you back!
    E & E

  7. Tony

    Hoorah! A great story, tough as it was to see Tazza dark for a week. Sure there were many constituents out there in greater need, but thanks for stepping up, Councilman Dowd!