It takes power to make coffee!

Written by Amy | 3 Comments

Sorry to report that Tazza D’Oro will be closed on Monday 2/8/10.

It seems when it comes to electricity it’s all or nothin!  Yes, we have partial power back at Tazza D’Oro – some outlets work, some don’t.  A piece (wire) of the main line running to the building has snapped under the pressure of the snow and a broken tree limb.

We thought we could brew and press coffee today but due to minimal power getting to the building the equipment couldn’t keep pace with our demand.  We are waiting for Duquesne Light to show and fix the damn wire.  However, I’m sure their priorities are to get power to homes without heat and electricity…I’m totally behind that!  But man o man, Mother Nature you are a force to be reckoned with.  In the midst of all the stress around keeping the building safe and not being able to open for business, the absolute beauty and quiet have been such a gift!  Hang in there with us – K?

CMU – we will be open by 10 am.  We got the power but our baristas need the time to get there.  East End is still snowed under and were kinda waiting on what’s happening with PAT buses.


  1. C Dianne

    I could not have gotten there anyway. The city has not driven near my street yet even though my driveway is clear and ready for me to go. Hope you’re ready for tomorrow. I have cabin fever.

  2. Mavis

    I think you should get Antonio to make some coffee at home and walk it over to tazza……I KNOW he is sad that he has nothing to do………I was willing to walk for my latte…..LOL


  3. Gideon

    I could probably peddle for an hour or so. It sounds like fun and an excuse to stop shoveling people out! Does the bike require clip ons as I have none? Should we bring our own bikes?