Too much time and too much thinking – maybe?

Written by Amy | 5 Comments

I have been thinking a lot about how to solve our “no electricity” problem while waiting for Duquesne Light to show up and fix our power line – life with out making coffee just plain SUCKS!  So here’s the plan, we get a generator that is powered by two bikes on rollers.  You will get free shots of our Bicycle Love Espresso, it’s not hard it just takes a little balance and practice – really!

Lance on rollers575

We’ll have a sign up list on the door and all you have to do is peddle like hell for an hour and coffee and espresso will once again be flowing in Highland Park.  I will take the 1st hour and I bet Chris Mayhew will take the 2nd hour.  Who’s in???   BTW, yes this means we will be closed again on Wednesday, 2/10/10 unless you are willing to ride.


  1. Claudia

    I will ride if you promise a pound of coffe equal to my death weight to enjoy on the other side. The ride would kill me but it would be worth it. Ah, I can smell.the heavenly brew now!

  2. Amy

    I freaking love you guys and not to mention it would be really fun. I bet there would be more wine and beer flowing than coffee though. Claudia you ain’t going anywhere – got it!

  3. Bike-Pgh has a pedal powered smoothie blender that would fit into this nicely!

    But that won’t make coffee. I can boil water here if that helps. Bring a bucket over?


  4. Amy

    Scott, how about some Bicycle Love Espresso Stout? Good idea – just sayin!