Google Day at Tazza D'Oro

Written by Amy | 1 Comment

Tomorrow (Friday) the Mayor declared it Google Day in Pittsburgh.  A while back I posted a blog about how Google gets coffee – check it out.    Google CEO, Eric Schmidt says in the article that “real innovations of the future will not come from conference rooms but from a coffee shop.”  So, Tazza D’Oro is jumping in and saying tomorrow is Google Day at Tazza D’Oro.   Come on by, innovate, drink coffee and use one of our laptops at either Highland Park or CMU (at the Gates Center) to let Google know how much Pittsburgh would like to participate in Google’s innovation of  high – speed Internet Service!  Tazza D’Oro is thinking of this as the innovation of the “Coffee Party” and our motto- Tazza D’Oro supplies the fuel for innovation!

If you can’t stop by here is the link to show your support: Google in Pittsburgh


  1. Debi

    Since Google is moving into the Nabisco building I think it is a fitting tribute.