Presents from New Jersey

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Last week Amelia’s family came to Pittsburgh for a visit.  As a result I received an abundance of presents from Terry, Amelia’s step-dad.  Btw, Terry happens to be one of my most favorite peeps EVER (and so is her mom, Jeannette).It’s not because Terry loves coffee or food or wine or grappa (well he’s adjusting) or cause he’s just a great guy with a huge heart; it’s because he’s been the quickest to pick up on all the secret Italian insider stuff – like “How you doin?   How YOU doin?”   Terr totally gets “it” and gets me by the presents he brought.

Present 1- handmade and hand-painted rooster – I collect roosters.  I call this my “small business owner” rooster – dead tired!

NJ present 1

Present 2: personal fav – handmade, hand-painted, she holds my coffee (wink) screen remotes and Wii controls and enough said ( notice the rad bike tire pump in the background – as Terry said “there are  bikes everywhere”)

NJ present 2

Present 3 and really for this blog.  All I know is you’ll all be showin up for some – TAZZA D’ORO ESPRESSO STOUT!

NJ present 3

This beer is hand-crafted with custom labels showing off our baristas and coffee sayings on each label.  My label reads – “Behind every successful women is a substantial amount of coffee – Stephanie Piro” and then there’s Frankie’s label (my wheaten terrier) which reads:  “Terriers are born with about four times as much original sin in them as other dogs – Jerome K. Jerome, Three Men in a Boat” – no wonder why I ended up with the Frankster!  Oh, and the Tazza D’Oro Espresso Stout is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ awesome.  Terry, you are now a “made” Tazza D’Oro barista – a great, 3 day –  Italian ceremony to follow!!!

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