First post on our new site – 90’s at TD’O CMU

Written by Amy | 3 Comments

TA DA…welcome to our new web site!  I have a lot to tell you about the story behind the design and creation for our new look for Tazza D’Oro and still have a lot of work to do in the next few days to add more info and content.   Jay and Nathan – Full Stop Interactive are the brains, creativity and patience (with me) behind the new design!

I’ve been wondering what would be our first post and leave to our Tazza D’Oro crew here it is:

Today was 90’s day( as in the decade) at Tazza D’Oro CMU – organized by our baristas!

The day captured the decade with the outfits, music and attitude!  However, the coffee and espresso was NOT from the 90’s!!!

I hear Face, P and Annaliese are trying to out-do the CMU crew with a theme day in Highland Park.  I’m bracing myself!  I must say the music was great and it was kinda surreal to think that in that decade  Tazza D’Oro didn’t exist and I was living a very different life.  Now I’m surrounded by some of the radest baristas EVER!  Nice job, guys!


  1. Amy B

    I love that TD controls the music in Gates—Phil Collins and Wallflowers!!!

    The new site is great!

  2. Betty

    I love the new site, Amy!

  3. Amy

    I love our new site too! Thanks for the comments. Jay and Nathan from Full Stop Interactive are freaking rock stars – just sayin!