Road to Nirvana

Written by Amy | 1 Comment

Yes, I was a Nirvana/Kurt Cobain fan but this nirvana takes a different road.  Amelia and I will be in Vancouver, BC in August and a big dream come true would be to ride my bike from Vancouver to Seattle.  It’s a 160 miles of stunning Canadian and Pacific Northwest landscape…mountains, pacific ocean, the Skagit Valley (tulip farms and fields), and endless beauty and wonderment!  I’ve driven it but on a bike – OMG.

We’ve got the coffee and espresso bars mapped out and we’ve got the bike routes and overnight mapped out (man, cycling in Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest – wowzers!)  But the logistics are complicated…ship bikes from Pittsburgh and back? rent bikes? luggage? how do we return them? crossing the border on a bike (lots have done it)? Who can help or advise?  Or who wants to run van support for us?  At the very least, maybe we do the coffee and espresso bar scene every morning and then ride all day in Vancouver and surrounding areas.  Nirvana!!!

I’m listening…


  1. Oliver

    Sounds fun, count me in!