Go hug your local coffee shop!!!

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Learning moment…sometimes a piece of the solution can be found by listening, discussion, community, a perfectly extracted espresso and the historically rich stage that coffee houses provide for change!!!

This is a follow-up from our post “Solutions to Problems…Solved Over Coffee“.  On Thursday evening Tazza D’Oro hosted  Councilman Dowd, Magistrate Ron Costa, representatives from Zone 5 Police Station, Bike Pgh, and about 30 community neighbors from Sq Hill, East Liberty, Shadyside, Point Breeze, Bloomfield/Garfield, Friendship, Morningside and Highland Park.  We gathered to discuss “life in the city”, specifically cycling/pedestrian safety.  It was clear from the outset this was a gathering to brainstorm and to arrive at plausible solutions.  Well done, guys!!!  The coffee was tastin REAL good today!

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