Results of closing early…

Written by Amy | 5 Comments

We had a great meeting, did a rad cupping and then 28  of us descended upon PNC Park for a Pirates game – check out the pictures.  We appreciated your patience around closing early, but from our end a little contact, training and some fun will ultimately lead to continued improvement on quality and customer service.   Damn what a really fun evening!

Yes, we witnessed our 9th straight Pirate loss, but in true Tazza D’Oro style our section rocked…singing, junk food, beer, laughing, enjoying a great summer evening, views of our beautiful city and enjoyment of each other.  Tazza D’Oro baristas…rad, rad,rad!   Thank you!


  1. Treshea

    Looks like you guys had a great time! Guess this proves there IS rest for the weary! Well-deserved fun! As a new tazza d’oro regular can’t imagine how it will get better…..perhaps singing baristas? :)

  2. Claudia

    Where’s Antonio?

  3. Brian E-H

    Why can’t I be there?!

    I had the blog in my RSS feed and there was never an announcement from the old URL. I wondered why you were so silent. I have caught up and love to see everyone enjoying a nice PGH night at the ball park.

    Liz and I may visit in September for our anniversary. I look sooooooooo forward to Italian Cappuccino. I don’t think I’ve had espresso since I left….sigh.

  4. Amy

    Unfortunately, Tone couldn’t make it and we missed him too!

  5. P

    Thanks again, Amy sue and Amelia sue!