Game “Face”

Written by Amy | 1 Comment

Tazza D’Oro went from 0-200 in 60 seconds today and it wasn’t because we were behind the wheel of a Lamborghini! Today was the first day of the fall semester for Tazza D’Oro CMU and we were hopping!

Meet Katie, we call her Face and Face is our new manager at Tazza D’Oro CMU.  We call her Face because right before Face began her barista career at Tazza D’Oro she had a pretty bad bicycle accident and messed up her face.  Get it?

Well, today was Face’s first day of school and manager school for that matter.  She and her team were awesome – Morgan, Chad, Amanda, Chris, Jon and Kirke – thanks guys!  Coffee brewing, espresso flowing, lines, lines and lines.  Lots of familiar faces, new faces and I even hear Dr. Haviland (that’s Amelia) stopped in for an Italian cappuccino while getting ready for the 2010-2011 semester.

P held it down back at the Highland Park espresso ranch while Chase was working his coffee magic!

Come visit, bring your coffee “face” and drink our marvelous espresso and coffee!


  1. Terry McGuire

    If that many people came the first day, imagine how many came then next morning on the way home from programming. “Sleep is a barely adequate substitute for caffeine” ”Have a great year Amy.