What matters vs.What’s important

Written by Amy | 1 Comment

The lessons of being a small business owner and entrepreneur continue-big time!  Tazza D’Oro at CMU – Gates and Hillman Centers has now been open for 9 months and our Highland Park location for 11 years. Everyday continues to be abundant with opportunity and challenges…a fast growing business, constant problem solving – we have more than tripled our business, doubled our baristas and continue to push every line we draw.  I am also acutely aware, as owner and entrepreneur that every thing matters – every espresso drink, every customer interaction, every coffee bean, every pastry, every table, every chair, every napkin, everything!

The last few days I’ve slowed it down and I’m reminded of what’s important – loving what I do, being grateful for the people around me and those of you who support tazza doro (thank you, customers).

The tazza doro baristas continue to be amazing and inspire me everyday.  They are committed to their profession – showing up everyday and working really hard to make you one of the best cups of coffee in Pittsburgh and frankly, I think they do.   In one of my hurried, crazy days, running between locations, I stopped for a moment to say hi to Chad.  Chad was a key person who helped me start tazza doro CMU.  Every morning for several weeks we opened the cafe together…trying like hell to figure it all out.  Needless to say it’s been a while since Chad and I had a chance to hang.  Hanging out last night that’s what’s important – riding our best bikes thru the city to dinner at Dinette – amazing food, lots of laughing, chatting about coffee, family, life, drinks and being joined by P for more drinks and food.  Riding our bikes back home to Highland Park in hoodies, super full of  delicious food, chilly air and blinkers on our messenger bags… just awesome!

Thank you tazza doro baristas and thank you tazza doro customers!


  1. Frances Amatucci

    Always watching you and Tazza Dora! So proud (and envious) of all you have done. I was on the CMU campus several weeks ago and wondered where tdo was. Love the logo! Will stop by again soon. Frances