This apple didn’t fall far from the tree, except…

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I’ve always loved the “apple” saying and clearly it has some meaning for me.  I had a visit from my brother Rob, tazza doro’s baker, on Tuesday.  As part of our bread delivery he brought his new bike.

Yep, we were going for a ride and I spent the next 17 miles with this view-

I grew up adoring bikes and playing “business owner” in the attic while my family worked below in our bakery.  Both of my brothers Rob and Marc are much older and I idolized them.  Their influence on me has lasted well into my adulthood.

Rob was an avid bike rider back in the 70’s and early 80’s(ahead of his time).  I LOVED his 70’s era Schwinn.

(As I’m posting this pic of his Schwinn I’m wondering if my favorite color has anything to do with this classic bike) – After a 15 year break, Rob is back on his bike and we are riding together – truly awesome!

This is a picture of my brothers rolling in the dough!

(clockwise: Rob, John (employee) and Marc).  Actually, they are making the bread for tazza doro’s panini.  Rob and Marc are successful, 3rd generation business owners who continue to mentor and support me everyday.

Yep, we have a lot of life in common – bikes, business, bread; except for the coffee – that’s all me…I think!


  1. Debi

    Nice to meet the family Amy. Great to here you are biking with your brother.

  2. Claudia

    Family! That’s why I love your place. I feel like family when I’m there. Thanks for sharing.

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