How local is your local, yo!

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I made a trip to Jeannette today not to pick up bread for tazza doro but to deliver a turkey and veggies to my mom that was raised and purchased locally. My mom is awesomely wise in her experience and age these days so for her to have a locally raised, well-cared for,  fresh  turkey and veggies from a local farmer whom we know means total gratitude, abundance and thanksgiving…”just like the old days.”  I am thankful for all her lessons around this.

When I got to the bakery, Rob was “unloading” the oven filled with bread.  He couldn’t wait to show me what was parked on my mom’s porch – just like the old days.

A 1962 AMF Roadmaster Jet Pilet – YUM!   Rob got this for Christmas one year well before I was born or could ride a bike.  He recently had it restored and OMG it’s just as beautiful as I remember.  This bike brings back memories for me because I remember riding this bike when Rob WASN’T around but was too little to sit on the seat and instead sat on the cross bar.   I rode it again today up and down the bakery’s parking lot and driveway with a flood of memories and emotion.

In the old days, as kids and adults, this is how we got around because everything we needed to purchase was within biking or walking distance – meaning local…really local.  I hope with all our best intentions, whether by foot, bus, bike or car we shop local this weekend …coined as “Black Friday”.  Btw, “Black Friday” IS not like the old days and did we ever question why it’s called Black Friday?  Support YOUR local businesses and local economy, Yo!

Happy Holidays!

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