Joe Flynn…

Written by Amy | 1 Comment

Sometimes it feels like there are way too many days when we, the tazza doro community, are reminded of the burdens of life, especially when one of our regulars – part of our pack – leaves us. We are so, so incredibly sad and feel the huge impact of the loss but at the same time are so honored to be mentioned in Joe’s final parting.  Joe was one of us and a big part of our daily life- a tazza dorian! But we also know our sadness comes from a place of deep connection and community at tazza doro and we are so thankful for his presence everyday that made our lives richer !

Joe stopped at the cafe on Christmas Eve and wished me, Amelia and my family Buon Natale, I invited him to the feast of the 7 fishes at my Mom’s house.  I saw him a few days after the holidays, back at the shop, and unknowingly for the last time.  I served him a large green tea…his usual.  RIP, Giuseppe!


  1. Cindy Tortorea

    How wonderful of you to speak so highly of one of your customers – quite a tribute to him, but to you as well!! I will have to find my way to shop!!