12 Years in 2 minutes…community in the making!

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I think I met Monica and John Watt right after I bought my first house in Highland Park  ~ 1996/1997.  We kinda lived right across the street from each other on Highland Ave but different cross streets.  In December of 1998, I bought the building that now houses tazza doro.  Monica and John had just  bought their house.

During the the excruciating renovations to get tazza doro open, Monica and John were also renovating their house.  We became companions through the process and in June of 1999 Monica and John became very loyal customers of tazza doro -and  to this day, btw!   We spent the last 12 years promising and down right threatening each other that we were going to get together to relax, share some amazing food, wine and company.  Our getting together didn’t happen until tonight.  Amelia and I decided to have dinner at our new neighborhood restaurant – Park Bruges.   Monica and John were seated right next to us and within 2 minutes we were sharing conversation and company over a few bottles of wine and great food…community- 12 years in the making!!!!

Thank you, Park Bruges for creating more community in Highland Park!  Monica and John – you guys are rad and thank you so much for the Prosecco…YUM!

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