Bike Share and OpenStreetsPGH – Please read

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Hey all- so excited about this…Pittsburgh Bike Share is launching this weekend at OpenStreetsPGH.  So what is Bike Share and OpenStreetsPGH?

open streets pgh

  • OpenStreets will be held on Sunday, May 31st from 8am-12noon.  There will be 3.5 miles of city streets closed to cars and open to biking, walking, skating, dancing, yoga or just walking down the middle of what is usually a very busy traffic street, whistling your favorite tune, without getting run over buy a vehicle!
  • Pittsburgh Bike Share, called Healthy Ride, are bike rental stations set-up through-out our city for all to rent for commuting, errands or just for exploring our city.

Stop in td’o on Sunday for a coffee/espresso then head down to OpenStreetsPGH!  I know Amelia and I will be hauling our Burley Travoy trailer to do some shopping in the Strip. Yay BIKE PGH, and yay for what a great city!

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