You know this guy…

Written by Amy | 2 Comments

Zach is celebrating 8 years at td’o!


As a small business owner, having an employee like Zach makes all the difference in our success and longevity.  Zach gets that being a professional barista is a respectable and important profession.  Great coffee shops and baristas work hard at creating community and then become an important part of the fabric of a vibrant community that gets created, as a result.

Zach is a rad barista, consummate professional, and a big part of creating our td’o community – hands down!

As part of celebrating Zach, I want to thank all of you for your loyal business.  We have always paid our baristas well above the minimum wage.  In 2014, it became a policy for both td’o locations that every employee earns a living wage right out of the gate.  Your business supports our values and our passion to create a community of well-paid, professional baristas.  Every td’o barista gets to work, live and seek professional opportunities in a profession they love through the opportunities we provide.  Man, that’s community coming full circle!

Congrats, Zach! You’re awesome!



  1. Madeline

    Congratulations Zach!

  2. Ed Sullivan

    Congratulations, Zach!! Its nice to have someone who grew up in the neighborhood giving back to Highland Park with his livelihood.