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Anyone who lives in the East End knows of Smiley’s Pet Pad and if you don’t than you need to get a pet, ASAP!  I’ve known Ginny for as long as she has been in the pet business…man, 25 years…yep!  It’s funny, Ginny and I have never hung out outside of our businesses but I consider her a friend and long-time business peer.  Ginny has taught me how to persevere through many very difficult obstacles in life with integrity, decency and grace.

Please take a look at her video below.  If any of you have been in business – well you know, and for those who don’t, lots of external circumstances happen – it’s just the nature of business and the risk we all take.  There are entrepreneurs and business worth investing in because they add to our community and to the quality of our life.

But, as always, I have a bigger vision –  Smiley’s Pet Pad needs to be on Bryant St in Highland Park…right!? Man, that move would be called a “home run” not just for Ginny but for the rest of us!  So take a look at her fundraising video and help out if you can.  Bring in your gofundme receipt and we will buy you one of our amazing Italian cappuccinos and shake your hand!

Smiley’s Pet Pad gofundme video

Thanks all-


Ginny, we are all pulling for you!  Go Girl!


  1. lek

    Ginny has been taking care of my three cats for many years. When one of my cats developed an allergy to — among other things — all poultry AND grains, Smiley’s Pet Pad researched and found some of the only food available at that time for him. Their prices have always been competitive with Whole Foods on Wellness products and they carry things you can’t even get at that big box that moved in. Furthermore, they were always willing to hunt things down for you. Try that at the big box. I would love for her to move nearby. Heck, I’ll help carry!

    And, buy local. Keep our dollars in the city.