Yum is about to hit td’o!

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Back at the end of September, we made an exciting leap and hired a pretty awesome guy, who we are calling our td’o chef, but his given name is Nate…Nate Hunt. Over the last several weeks Nate has been doing a ton of work behind the scenes and getting us set up to bring you all some delicious panini, sandwiches, salads and soups for both our locations.

So a couple of rad things about Nate: he’s turning into a coffee fanatic, he loves animals, loves black, and is passionate about creating community and connection around food.  His passion is totally in-line with what td’o is about!  Nate is currently establishing strong relationships with local farms, producers and vendors that we already consider partners.  He has sourced delicious seasonal ingredients so we can begin our winter menus. Stay tuned – looks like a pretty awesome frittata panini is about to hit Highland Park this weekend, plus some homemade chips from fresh potatoes as a side – local, seasonal – really, really good!

Yea, so this is Nate talking with the Sheep Manager at Lamppost Farm!

Nate and Llama


  1. sue b

    Major YUM! Frittata Panini!?!??!?! Cannot wait to have one, or two, or ……..

    Thanks for Nate and Thank YOU Amy for what you’ve done to HP!
    So awesome and happy for you and your crew!!