About Tazza D’Oro

In Italian, tazza d’oro means cup of gold.

We love coffee, we love bicycles and we love creating community all centered around a carefully crafted cup of coffee or espresso.

tazza d’oro swung open it’s doors June 23, 1999! In 2010, we opened our second location at CMU – serving our coffee to the campus community and to the public. Our coffee is roasted by Counter Culture Coffee. Check out our Coffee page.

Through extensive training and a professional certification program, skills and dedication to the craft of coffee and espresso, our baristi have placed td’o as being recognized as one of the best espresso bars in Pittsburgh.

We attribute much of our reputation and success to four key elements: Intense coffee and espresso training for our baristi, purchasing and carefully preparing some of the finest coffee available, sourcing over 80% of our food and milk from local, independent vendors and farms and lastly our amazing community of customers and community partners – man they are a passionate lot too!

We appreciate your continued support of our business and if you haven’t been in one of our locations – COME SEE US!