A td’o Exclusive Coffee

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Beginning next Thursday, Feb 25th, we will be launching a stunning, distinctive coffee, exclusive to td’o.

Selva Negra, Gesha, El Salvador – sourced by our coffee roaster, Counter Culture Coffee through Aida Batlle’s Selections Program.

The gesha cultivar, in the coffee world, is known as one of the most amazing and distinctive coffees ever grown – it’s rare, very difficult to grow, and is typically low yield production.  This coffee in the cup is floral and very lively – a must try!

Back in November of 2014, the Selva Negra was one of our first exclusive coffees in partnership with Counter Culture.  We are incredibly excited to showcase it again and honored to bring this coffee back to Pittsburgh!

We will be brewing the Selva Negra by a variety of manual brew methods each week so our customers can experience this coffee and it’s very distinctive characteristics.  We will also feature the Selva Negra as a single origin espresso.  12 oz retail bags will be available for purchase also.

HP Phone issues

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Thanks to all who have reached out by email and alerted us – our HP location has been without phone service since last night.  We are hoping it gets resolved soon.  If you need to reach us during this period, please call 412-889-6105. Thanks!

Friday’s are Brunch Day!

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Hey all- Our chefs, Nate and Zach, will be creating some delicious food every Friday at our HP location beginning Friday, Jan. 22,  8am-1pm – Coffee loves Food!  Our manager, Zach, (yes we have 2 Zach’s now) will be creating a stunning coffee menu to compliment our food.  This Friday will we be featuring a single- farmer lot from Narino, Columbia – Ana Lucia Pinta, and brewed by Chemex.  This coffee is beautiful!

Come share some awesome coffee AND some awesome food with some awesome people! The ultimate trio – don’t ya think?!

Yum is about to hit td’o!

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Back at the end of September, we made an exciting leap and hired a pretty awesome guy, who we are calling our td’o chef, but his given name is Nate…Nate Hunt. Over the last several weeks Nate has been doing a ton of work behind the scenes and getting us set up to bring you all some delicious panini, sandwiches, salads and soups for both our locations.

So a couple of rad things about Nate: he’s turning into a coffee fanatic, he loves animals, loves black, and is passionate about creating community and connection around food.  His passion is totally in-line with what td’o is about!  Nate is currently establishing strong relationships with local farms, producers and vendors that we already consider partners.  He has sourced delicious seasonal ingredients so we can begin our winter menus. Stay tuned – looks like a pretty awesome frittata panini is about to hit Highland Park this weekend, plus some homemade chips from fresh potatoes as a side – local, seasonal – really, really good!

Yea, so this is Nate talking with the Sheep Manager at Lamppost Farm!

Nate and Llama

I support this and asking you to do the same

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Anyone who lives in the East End knows of Smiley’s Pet Pad and if you don’t than you need to get a pet, ASAP!  I’ve known Ginny for as long as she has been in the pet business…man, 25 years…yep!  It’s funny, Ginny and I have never hung out outside of our businesses but I consider her a friend and long-time business peer.  Ginny has taught me how to persevere through many very difficult obstacles in life with integrity, decency and grace.

Please take a look at her video below.  If any of you have been in business – well you know, and for those who don’t, lots of external circumstances happen – it’s just the nature of business and the risk we all take.  There are entrepreneurs and business worth investing in because they add to our community and to the quality of our life.

But, as always, I have a bigger vision –  Smiley’s Pet Pad needs to be on Bryant St in Highland Park…right!? Man, that move would be called a “home run” not just for Ginny but for the rest of us!  So take a look at her fundraising video and help out if you can.  Bring in your gofundme receipt and we will buy you one of our amazing Italian cappuccinos and shake your hand!

Smiley’s Pet Pad gofundme video

Thanks all-


Ginny, we are all pulling for you!  Go Girl!

Pgh Taco Food Truck

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Hey all- so proud to say the rad Pgh Taco Truck will be parked at our Highland Park location on Sun (7/5) from 11:30a – 7pm.  Many of our East End Restaurants are closed for the holiday weekend so this is a great opportunity to experience some really incredible street food.  Come on and show up, and say HP can support the new wave of amazing eateries!

July 4th Hours

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For America – there will be amazing espresso and coffee on July 4th! Open from 8am – 2pm – Highland Park location only.

You know this guy…

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Zach is celebrating 8 years at td’o!


As a small business owner, having an employee like Zach makes all the difference in our success and longevity.  Zach gets that being a professional barista is a respectable and important profession.  Great coffee shops and baristas work hard at creating community and then become an important part of the fabric of a vibrant community that gets created, as a result.

Zach is a rad barista, consummate professional, and a big part of creating our td’o community – hands down!

As part of celebrating Zach, I want to thank all of you for your loyal business.  We have always paid our baristas well above the minimum wage.  In 2014, it became a policy for both td’o locations that every employee earns a living wage right out of the gate.  Your business supports our values and our passion to create a community of well-paid, professional baristas.  Every td’o barista gets to work, live and seek professional opportunities in a profession they love through the opportunities we provide.  Man, that’s community coming full circle!

Congrats, Zach! You’re awesome!


Bike Share and OpenStreetsPGH – Please read

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Hey all- so excited about this…Pittsburgh Bike Share is launching this weekend at OpenStreetsPGH.  So what is Bike Share and OpenStreetsPGH?

open streets pgh

  • OpenStreets will be held on Sunday, May 31st from 8am-12noon.  There will be 3.5 miles of city streets closed to cars and open to biking, walking, skating, dancing, yoga or just walking down the middle of what is usually a very busy traffic street, whistling your favorite tune, without getting run over buy a vehicle!
  • Pittsburgh Bike Share, called Healthy Ride, are bike rental stations set-up through-out our city for all to rent for commuting, errands or just for exploring our city.

Stop in td’o on Sunday for a coffee/espresso then head down to OpenStreetsPGH!  I know Amelia and I will be hauling our Burley Travoy trailer to do some shopping in the Strip. Yay BIKE PGH, and yay for what a great city!

Hours of Operation and Holiday Hours

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Beginning Sunday, 5/24, our Highland Park location will open on Saturday and Sundays at 7am instead of 8am.  Weekend early risers, we are here for you with coffee, espresso, pastries and breakfast panini!

Our HP operating hours are now Sun – Sat: 7am – 7pm

Our Highland Park location will be open Memorial Day from 8am-2pm.

CMU summer hours in the Gates and Hillman Centers:

Mon-Fri: 8am – 6pm

Closed Memorial Day and July 4th