This Month’s Coffee

Our coffees are sourced and roasted by one of the leading roasters in the country – Counter Culture Coffee, headquartered in Durham, NC.

Counter Culture sources some of the finest coffees grown in the world! They travel throughout the growing and harvest season to forge and sustain direct trade relationships with the farmers and COOPs in order to ensure responsible and sustainable coffee farming thus sourcing the highest quality green coffee. In fact, Counter Culture has set the standard for direct trade. Counter Culture ensures each coffee is roasted to highlight the unique characteristic of each individual coffee their growing region.

tazza doro has partnered with Counter Culture as our exclusive roaster. Our strong relationship with the team at Counter Culture provides us with more of a connection and transparency to our coffee, roasting process and extensive coffee/espresso training for our baristas. tazza doro is the end source of this impressive coffee chain. Our baristas are committed to preparing you an amazing cup of coffee or espresso – honoring all the hands, and hard work of the incredible farmers and craftspeople who delivered us each incredible coffee. We hope you love our coffees as much as we do – each cup is a true “cup of gold” – tazza d’oro!

Exclusive Coffees

Through our partnership with Counter Culture Coffee, tazza doro is incredibly excited and honored to bring to Pittsburgh some really fine coffees that can only be tasted and experienced at either our Highland Park or CMU locations!

These coffees will be single farmer lots, potentially from all coffee growing regions, and ranging anywhere from 50 lbs to 375 lbs.

Why td’o exclusive coffees? We have sampled many coffees that Counter Culture puts on their cupping table. With td’o in mind, the awesome folks at CC send us coffee samples that they think we might be interested in trying. Of those we find incredibly delicious based on our preferences, and the story behind the farm and coffee totally jives with our vision, values and passions, we ask Counter Culture to purchase the green coffee; we commit to purchasing the total lot available.  Counter Culture then roasts our coffee to enhance to it’s characteristics, while we focus on finding the best brewing method for you to experience a cup of gold!

Current Exclusive:

Selva Negra Gesha, El Salvador:  floral and lively (250 lbs)

This coffee comes to us through Aida Batlle’s Selection Program and our amazing roaster, Counter Culture Coffee.  We will be brewing this coffee using various manual brew methods along with showcasing it as a single origin espresso.

12 oz retail bags will be available for purchase.


Tasting notes:

Sustainability & Direct Trade

Tasting notes: